Our diverse city needs representatives who put the people of San Leandro first.
As a spouse and mother of three grown children, I've spent my life as a community organizer representing the community. I’ve served on fourteen State, County, and City Commissions, including Alameda County Commission on Status of Women, Alameda County Oversight Commission, and am Vice-Chair, Housing and Community Development Advisory Board. I've worked for the environment, partnering with Communities for A Better Environment to reduce emissions.
We need representatives who solve today’s problems while leading into the future. I’ll bring people together on issues like rent control, keeping middle/low income families in homes. I support financial audits, government transparency, and close schools ties.
San Leandro deserves a fresh clean start. As one of the Fresh, Clean Slate, committed to moving beyond special interests. I pledge to take no donations from lobbyists or corporations and to limit donations to $99.
We can’t thrive without change. We need representatives to lead and put people first. As Councilmember I’m dedicated to you, not big checks. I ask you to vote for the people.